Recipe: The Perfect Tan

Ok so, nothing is PERFECT but I promise to get you as close as possible.  Airbrush tanning is a mix of art, science and a hint of magic.  If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me "I mean, I want to get a spray tan but, like, I don't want to be orange" I would be one rich woman (and still doing spray tans bc obsessed).  I'm here to tell you that you would have to try really hard to get an orange spray tan these days.  No company wants to be left behind so extensive research has been done and most solutions are pretty awesome (mine's the best obv, but there are a lot of good ones out there).  The trick is finding a spray tan artist who understands the power of said solutions.  They range in shade, concentration, undertone etc., and it's important to understand how to maneuver through the options and find the right fit for each and every client.  There are multiple factors that go in to achieving the perfect tan so I've put together a little recipe. 

The recipe is as follows:

  • 1 part pre-tan prep (shower, exfoliate)
  • 1 part your skin tone
  • 1 part custom solution (mixed based on skin tone & your desired tan)
  • 1 part flawless application (by yours truly)
  •  1 part being advised of proper aftercare
  • 5 parts following aftercare instructions (amount of time before shower, no dove soap, moisturize 2x daily, etc.)

In case you didn't get the hint in my last blog about lash extensions: AFTERCARE, AFTERCARE, AFTERCARE.  Major key.  So important.  I can pour my heart and soul in to giving you the absolute best experience and result, but if you leave the studio and never moisturize and use Dove soap every day you will be lucky to get 3 good days instead of 5-7+.  I give every client a cute little aftercare card during their first spray tan- make it your phone background, photocopy it and hang it all over your house, get it tattooed on your forearm.

If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts head over to the contact page.  Seriously, I could talk about this stuff for hours.

The holiday's are coming fast so don't forget to book your glow!


Devin Tanzer