Blog Post #1

Hi Glo Getters!

Welcome to my first ever blog post.  I intend to turn this blog in to a place to share all of my favorite tips & tricks. However, I figured I would take this opportunity to introduce myself, my business and what I hope to do for you.  My name is Devin, and I am the one woman show that is Glo Getters Tanning & Beauty. My mission is to create a beauty haven, if you will. A place where you feel comfortable letting your individual style and beauty shine and letting me do my part to enhance it. I founded Glo Getters on a flame that was sparked by a personal experience with Melanoma.  I could throw a bunch of mind-blowing, gory facts at you to try and scare you away from ever letting the sun touch your skin again, BUT I would rather make you fall in love with spray tans.  I have yet to meet a soul who didn't agree that their first spray tan with Glo Getters totally changed their perspective on sunless tanning. I would love for you to be next.  It didn't take long for me to decide I wanted to be able to offer more.  As a licensed esthetician, there were a plethora of services I could choose to offer my clients, but only one really drew me in: lash extensions.  Lash extensions are a fairly new service, but are quickly becoming one of the most popular ones. I'm telling you- once you try them, there is no turning back. Total game changer.  If you're anything like me, waking up and looking like you tried (without actually having to try) is a beautiful thing. So, that's my little spiel for now.  I want to hear from you.  Tell me what you want to know, what's on your mind, what you want me to write about on here.  Hopefully I'll have the answers, and if I don't I promise to find them for you.

xo Devin

Devin Tanzer